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Bella Thorne (full name Anabella Avery Thorne) is a rising Hollywood star, model, actress, and singer. She is best known for her role in the drama series "My Personal Worst Enemy" (Ruthie Spivia), "Big Love" (Tensi Henrikson), as well as on the comedy project "Dance Fever" (Cece Jones). In 2014, she also made her big-screen debut, starring opposite Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in the comedy Mixed as Hilary. Last year, the young Hollywood star broke up with her boyfriend Tristan Clear. In the summer of 2014, at a ceremony in Los Angeles, the girl received the Young Hollywood Award in the Most Luxurious category. Bella loves animals very much and keeps a real zoo at home. She has six cats, a cocker spaniel named Pyro, a voodoo wolf hybrid, a Senorita frog and a Buddha turtle. At her young age, the actress is actively involved in charity work, taking part in the Nomad fund to help seriously ill children in Africa. She also took a girl from the Kenyan city of Kibwezi under her patronage. Spends her free time with family, loves dancing, playing with dogs, listening to music, collecting hardback books. Bella is recognized as one of the most beloved stars among US teenagers. She herself, from among her colleagues in the shop, really likes Natalie Portman ("Leon", "Black Swan"), Christian Slater ("Forgotten", "Hacking"), American country-pop singer Taylor Swift, as well as all participants in the Anglo-Irish fight band One Direction, with whom she dreams of taking pictures.