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Boxxy is the character of American girl Catherine Wayne, known for her eccentric YouTube videos. Her popularity grew in 2008-2009, and then her videos became an Internet meme. Originally, her videos posted under the "Boxxybabee" account were intended for her friends on Gaia Online. Boxy's videos sparked numerous flames on 4chan between those who supported her and those who opposed her. As a result, this triggered a DDos attack on 4chan, which brought down the service for several hours. Boxes' YouTube account was also hacked. Soon, a huge number of parodies appeared on the service. In 2010, AOL's channel Urlesque placed Boxxy at # 104 on its list of The 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos. At the end of that year, images of her began to be sold on eBay. In early 2011, Boxxy started posting videos again, but this time more thoughtful and calm.