Zatanna Naked (47)

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Zatanna Zatara is a hereditary sorceress, daughter of the sorcerer Giovanni Zatara, the hero of the Golden Age of comics. As a member of the Homo Magi race, she is especially sensitive to magic. The main feature of Zatanna (as well as her father and cousin) is the ability to cast spells in reverse. For example, to unlock the door without a key, Zatanna can cast the spell "kcoInU ehT rooD" (Unlock the Door). Appearing in comics in 1964, Zatanna has repeatedly assisted a variety of characters, including Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and The Elongated Man. At the same time, her main theme was the search for her missing father - even with all her magical power, she could not simply summon him. Zatanna helped out the entire Justice League several times, and as a token of gratitude, she was accepted into the team. As luck would have it, her powers were diminished due to a magical incident, and Zatanna for a time could only control fire, water, earth, and air.