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Zendaya quickly burst into the world of showbiz and has already become a real star of the first magnitude. In September 2020, she became the youngest ever to receive an Emmy for Best Actress, as well as a style icon, idol, and face of a generation. In 2016, Zendaya pulled out a truly lucky ticket - playing Michelle "MJ" Jones, Peter Parker's girlfriend in Spider-Man: Homecoming transformed her from a local second-tier star to a global celebrity. Since that time, Zendaya's career has rushed to space heights - she successfully combined her musical career with cinema, having time everywhere. Zendaya starred opposite Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron in The Greatest Showman in 2017, became part of the superstar filming for Vanity Fair, and also starred in the sequel to Spider-Man (2019). Denis Villeneuve also chose her, offering the girl the main female role in the new "Dune". The actress has five brothers and sisters - her father's children from his first marriage. As for her personal life, until the age of 16, the girl was strictly prohibited from meeting with boys. When the cherished age threshold was overcome - the girl had a boyfriend. She dated Trevor Jackson for 4 years (her first love), and, according to rumors, the actress had affairs with American football player Odell Beckham and actor Adam Yrigoyen. Of course, the yellow press wrote about a love affair with the on-screen partner in "Spider-Man" Tom Holland, but this has not yet been confirmed. Zenda is in no hurry to show feelings and try to assert themselves with their work.